Wedding Add-Ons

HD 5 min Wedding Online ($350)

It can be tough for some people to sit an watch a full wedding uninterrupted. Imagine your wedding meticulously re-edited down to approx. 5 minutes. It's a wonderful way to experience your wedding in a fresh exciting way! Now, easily show your wedding to any friends and family, anywhere, anytime, forever. It consists of the very best moments from your day. It's uploaded to YouTube with an unlisted link for you to share (available up to 1 month after delivery of wedding). Contact for more information!

HD Wedding On Thumbdrive

HD Wedding Master On USB ($75)

With Garrett Merchant Weddings, You receive 4 standard definition DVD's  (which is suitable for most). To keep my weddings affordable, I've added this small optional add-on - Your wedding (full, high-definition, master file) on a USB thumb-drive. This plugs and plays with most modern BluRay players, Smart TVs, PS4s, Xboxs, etc. Your wedding will look phenomenal on large & 4k TVs! With technology and formats changing faster than ever, this HD Master is THE PERFECT WAY to future-proof your investment. Contact to add this product!