2013 - Nashville, TN

2013 - Nashville, TN

Custom Scoring, Music, & Sound Design

There's no denying the uttermost importance of sound used during something visual to increase it's impact.

“When I was 12, I began learning various instruments and over the past 22 years have written, arranged, & performed many different styles of music. I focus on acquiring authentic, organic, retro, sounds and feels in my work.”
— Garrett Merchant

Along with producing several projects in studios with Studer 2-inch tape machines, Neve consoles, and other assorted vintage mics and gear, he has recorded in North Alabama, Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN.

Imagine your next promotional video, commercial, radio ad, or other project, with custom sound design. Take a listen below to get a better idea of the range of original music that can accompany your project. Please feel free to ask anytime about what you may need, musically. Want more information? Send a message in here. - All music below written/performed/recorded by Garrett Merchant  - Click on any of the tracks to listen to all of the different music samples.