Welcome to the Ole' General Store - The Best E-liquid In The South! These are high quality, boutique, flavors mixed in extremely small batches. These e-liquids are not created for blowing large clouds of vapor but rather for adults who want clean, full flavor, & throat hit. All flavors crafted by part-time chef, Garrett Merchant, using USP grade flavors and bases. Place your order by writing me directly on the contact page form HERE. I use Square Up for all debit credit transactions. Thanks so much! Enjoy, Garrett Merchant


Classic Key Lime Pie

30ml Bottle 18mg PG-  $17
A taste of an American classic! The best key lime pie flavor there is! You only need taste to believe...


Old Grape Co. Soda

30ml Bottle 18mg PG-  $17
Crack open a fresh bubbly, sparkling, purple, bottle of the best old fashioned grape soda you've ever had!

Aunt Dot's Hawaiian Punch

30ml Bottle 18mg PG-  $17
The year is 1956. It's 97 degrees outside Aunt Dot is having her her annual summer pool party. The Hi-fi is blasting I Got A Woman off of Elvis' debut album. The punch is iced down and ready to be poured. Are you ready for a glass?

Southern Jungle

30ml Bottle 18mg PG-  $17
Way down in the Jungle of of the Mobile Bay Delta grows a wild flavor consisting of Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, & Citrus Punch. Float down the river at sunset with this bad boy.

Chef Du Monde's Chocolate Glazed Donuts

30ml Bottle 18mg PG-  $17
Experience heaven while inhaling 12 freshly fried, slightly sweet and rich, yeasted donuts. They're glistening with rich double chocolate glaze and fresh off the rack from an old bakery in New Orleans, LA.