Full-Service Video Production For Businesses, Individuals, Events, & More

Located in Southern Alabama, Garrett Merchant specializes in shooting promotional videos for small businesses, individuals, organizations, special projects, services, & events.

It’s amazing how much more you can educate and market to your audience with a well done promotional video. Anyone can see it anywhere at any time. It's a convenient way to share and spread the word about you and what you're promoting.

Just imagine every time someone sees your business or service online, they  see a concise, beautifully-crafted, informative, video about you. You can establish a sense of excitement and trust with your customer before you even meet them. CONTACT GARRETT HERE! or Call / Text (251)610-8661

Segers Aero Corps - Promo Video Production

Here is a prime example of a tasteful and powerful corporate video. Through creative video skills, Garrett transposes this cold and mechanical scenery into something mysteriously bold, and stylish (turn up the volume to experience the meticulous sound design & editing).

Samuel & Sons - Tailor Made Video Series

With showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, & London UK, Samuel & Sons are the premier brand of fabric trim. When Samuel & Sons needed to create a new video series highlighting trim applications and techniques from top trade workrooms, they hired Garrett Merchant to film the first episodes in Birmingham, Alabama.

Public Service Announcement - Alabama First Responders

Copart Inc works with local law enforcement and fire departments donating their salvage yards, vehicles, and assistance, to help first-responders with field training. Garrett was hired to shoot a PSA showcasing the entire action-packed process!

Ace Hardware - Christmas Grilling

When Andrews Ace Hardware wanted to heat things up for Christmas, they hired Garrett to create a little Christmas magic… A fun hunger-inspiring video to let people know where the grilling headquarters of Mobile, AL resides.

Photos Of Your Business!

People are attracted to pretty images. Photography that looks and feels high-end will work wonders for sparking interest in your business, whether it's a restaurant menu, a promotional brochure you're printing, or photos of the property and goods you're selling.

Along with shooting video, Garrett shoots unique still photography.

The possibilities are limitless to how many types of businesses, services, organizations, and events will benefit greatly from having wonderful images to represent what they're trying to achieve. Get your photos done today - CONTACT GARRETT HERE!

Your Very Own Music!

The option to have custom scoring and sound design is another unique benefit of Garrett's services.

Imagine your next promotional video, commercial, radio ad, or other project, with custom sound design. Take a listen to get a better idea of the range of original music that can accompany your project. Please feel free to ask anytime about what you may need, musically. CONTACT GARRETT HERE!

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